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Search Engine Optimization

Drive traffic to your ecommerce website using organic search, page content and meta data.

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Site Development

Build, maintain and continually improve & update your website. How about site navigation, conversion optimization, content?

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Driving Web Traffic

Social media, email marketing and pay-per-click campaigns can have a huge impact on driving traffic to your website. Is campaign cost and effectiveness being measured?

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Applications / Integrations

Running an ecommerce site is not enough. Integrate with order fulfillment, inventory management and accounting applications.

experienced ecommerce website development professional with 15 years experience as an online retailer
website development work, website customization, and search engine marketing & optimization

online retail consultation and scope development

back-end html/css/javascript edits/updates

website development & customization

recommendations on site navigation, product and category content

search engine optimization (meta data and content)

google analytics setup, submission to google webmaster tools, google adwords campaign management

third party application integration setup & training (eg. order fulfillment software, email marketing, affiliate programs, inventory management, accounting tie-ins)

  • development & customization of bigcommerce, shopify & wordpress themes

  • scope development, functional development & implementation

  • develop & implement startegies for increasing web traffic, conversion rates & revenue

  • accounting, inventory & order management, and shipping applications setup & training

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