BigCommerce Customer Groups

BigCommerce’s Plus plan (and higher) offers Customer Groups.

Customer Groups allow the merchant to group or segment customers where different website display rules can apply. Customer segmentation allows for:

  • loyalty/preferred/repeat customer groups; access to specific products or categories at discounted prices
  • tax-exempt groups ; tax exemption to those that are eligible (government agencies, nonprofit organizations, in-state resellers)
  • wholesale/dealer/distributor groups; access to products or categories usually hidden from retail customers, provide discounts for bulk purchases, negotiated pricing schedules
  • members only groups; gate content or products by requiring visitors to register an account to browse the store

While the built-in functionality for Customer Groups is robust (multiple groups, product & category level discounts, storewide discounts and member-only content) there is no difference in the  front-end website appearance for customers in different groups.

At its simplest this can be addressed by having different links to login to the site for each customer group (say “Dealer Portal” & “Sign In” in the header).

While each link takes the site visitor to the same /login.php page the content on this page can vary based on the path to the page; i.e. by displaying different content for the “Dealer”:


.. and the “Retail” customer:


This logic can be extended further by:

  • requiring specific customer groups to complete custom fields when creating an account,
  • displaying simplified or expanded content on the web page, product page and/or category page based on the Customer Group,
  • changing the look and feel of the website based on the Customer Group, or even
  • customizing the account pages.

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