BigCommerce & SSL Certificates

BigCommerce recently changed their policy towards implementing and installing SSL Certificates on bigcommerce hosted sites with custom domain names. Prior to May 2017 only those BigCommerce sites on specific higher tier plans were able to install an SSL Certificate.

ALL BigCommerce stores with a custom domain (e.g. installed after May 24, 2017 are automatically outfitted with a free, dedicated SSL Certificate called Encryption Everywhere. Stores with a custom domain installed prior to May 24, 2017 can enable a free dedicated SSL Certificate at any time.

In addition, BigCommerce also offers the option of purchasing paid SSL Certificates verified by GeoTrust (technical support will assist in the installation) or the use of a third party SSL Certificate for Pro and Enterprise plans.

We strongly recommend that ALL BigCommerce stores upgrade to Sitewide HTTPS and install either the free or paid options immediately!

Google and other search engines are actively using HTTPS as a ranking signal; i.e. secure HTTPS sites are ranked higher than non-secure HTTP sites on search engine results pages! Just search for “google and ssl ranking”.

Here’s where to start: Installing an SSL Certificate from BigCommerce

If something doesn’t quite go right (be patient!):  Troubleshooting

BigCommerce SSL Pricing

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