BigCommerce Stencil Category Page (subcategories & product list ‘tags’)

Stencil offers a great deal of flexibility in both the way pages can be laid out and also in their content (scripts not necessarily required!).

Add subcategories only for the related ‘parent’ category – hint: its based on the ‘parent’ breadcrumb
– this is a good approach if the products assigned to the subcategories within the top-level or parent category are similar (i.e. the subcategories are really used as a way to filter and dive deeper into the category); see below where ‘Bar Accessories’, ‘Glassware’ and ‘Mixers’ are all related to the top-level category ‘BAR’.
– this approach also displays the entire top-level category menu in the sidebar to allow site visitors to filter products within the site either through the sidebar or mega menu dropdowns.

Product List
Why not call out specific types of products with ‘badges’ or ‘tags’ added to each product based on the product data? This highlights products to site visitors (valuable for large product catalogs). Here are a few examples:

Brand “Tag”
– insert the product brand name into a tag (eg. ‘G&G Exclusive’, ‘Made in the South Honoree’)

Inventory Messaging
– display a custom message based on the product inventory level (eg. display “Only x Left” if the inventory level is less than 5)

Sale Tag
– if the product has a sale price less than the regular price (eg. display “Sale” or display “x% discount” based on the actual discount)


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