Collect Loyalty Rewards Program for eCommerce Websites

Collect’s “Loyalty” application for ecommerce sites is an excellent option for small to mid sized businesses to increase repeat business, retain customers, increase sales & web traffic and encourage referrals & new business.

The New Zealand based company has developed a simple to implement application that directly integrates with ecommerce providers bigcommerce and shopify as well as vend and lightspeed POS.

Easily import existing rewards program balances by .csv (first name, last name, email address, points balance). Once the loyalty program is up-and-running you will be able to view points, redeemed coupons, orders AND products purchased by customer.

There are several limitations:

  • points are calculated 1:1 against dollars spent (including sales tax, GST and shipping)
  • rewards are based on dollar discounts per number of points redeemed (i.e. no option to create rewards based on a percentage of the netx sale or with required minimum order values

However pricing is excellent at $29 per month (in US$, A$ or NZ$ depending on where the company is based) and represents excellent value.

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