May 25, 2016

Understanding Search Engine Results

Organic Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Listings

Organic SERP Listings are natural listings generated by search engines and are typically based on the web page content (including metadata), trustworthiness of the website, site “authority” and other factors like backlinks, news, press releases and social media.

Each page of search engine results contains 10 organic listings where the results on the first page receive over 90% of the click-through rates (CTR) from a search query. Even more importantly, the first 3 listings on the first page have a CTR over 55%.

By developing unique website content, customizing the most important web page meta tags (Page Title, Meta Description, Page URL) and adding the most appropriate coding & markup to each website page we can significantly influence both the listing position on a SERP (for the better) AND increase click-through rates and website traffic.

This is an example of how the web page meta tags (Page Title, Meta Description, Page URL) will LIKELY appear on a search engines results page. A search for “SEO BigCommerce Marin” could return:
This section will contain the meta description OR page description particularly if search keywords are included; i.e. SEO, BigCommerce and/or Marin.