May 25, 2016

Website Content

To generate organic unpaid web traffic add high-quality unique content to your pages. When web pages contain useful information, their content will attract visitors and encourage webmasters to link back to your site. In creating a helpful, information-rich site, write pages that clearly and accurately describe your products, categories and related topics.

Consider using the words and terminology that potential customers would type to find your website and web pages and include those words on your site. Start with:

Home Page

  • add text, say 2 or 3 paragraphs about the site, its objectives, strengths, target markets…
  • try to avoid using images to display important content; use text
  • consider using multiple BigCommerce banners as each ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ banner is randomly displayed to site users

“Master” Category Pages

  • think of these pages as “landing” pages with distinct content
  • add a Category Description
  • evaluate the number and type of products assigned to and displayed on the page (more at Site Navigation)

“Sub” Category Pages

  • add a Category Description
  • evaluate the number and type of products assigned to and displayed on the page (more at Site Navigation)

Product Pages

BuildMyLED Product Page (Content)

  • evaluate product data
  • update product data: Product Description, other product data fields like “Warranty” and “Availability” can be used to divide long or cumbersome product descriptions into 2 or more data fields (that can then be displayed as tabbed content on the product page)
  • develop and implement a consistent product naming convention using, as appropriate, manufacturer or brand names, product ‘types’, sku or part numbers…

Where We Can Help

  • product data (export product file)
  • category structure (categories and subcategories), category descriptions and category banners (if any)
  • home page content

Some typical questions include;

  • how is the product data to be structured on the product page, are multiple page layouts required?
  • is product data missing?
  • should product descriptions be divided into 2 (or more) distinct data fields (this is typical for highly detailed or technical products)
  • how do potential customers search the site or use site navigation?
  • how many ‘menus’ should be employed (category/subcategory lists, web page menu, hard-coded menus)?
  • what content is best added to the home page? are banner images available, how often will they be changed, display product and/or category links/images on the home page?
  • update content
  • update store settings, display settings
  • update category structure
  • update menus, horizontal navigation, header and footer
  • edit html and css as required