BigCommerce Stencil Category Page (subcategories & product list ‘tags’)

Stencil offers a great deal of flexibility in both the way pages can be laid out and also in their content (scripts not necessarily required!). Sidebar Add subcategories only for the related ‘parent’ category – hint: its based on the ‘parent’ breadcrumb – this is a good approach if the products assigned to the subcategories Read more about BigCommerce Stencil Category Page (subcategories & product list ‘tags’)[…]

Pinterest Buyable Pins for BigCommerce

BigCommerce has announced “Pinterest Buyable Pins” allowing merchants to take advantage of sales through an alternate sales channel (using the ‘BigCommerce Channel Manager’). Buyable Pins let Pinterest users find a merchant’s products, learn more about them, and purchase — without leaving Pinterest. Buyable Pins are like regular pins, but feature a blue “Buy it” button. Read more about Pinterest Buyable Pins for BigCommerce[…]